Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cultural Notes #2

1. If you are invited for food or drinks it is expected that the person who invites the other will pay the bill.
2. In order to get married the man must offer the woman’s family a dowry. Many times it is a cow. It isn’t required by the government anymore but is traditional and widely practiced.
3. When buying something, it is expected that you bargain with the seller.
4. When greeting someone you haven’t seen in a while you greet in a similar manner as in many places in Europe. Instead of fake kisses on each cheek though, you hug them three times while asking them how they are.


  1. What an experience...I'll keep on reading!

  2. what else!, well, here it is: "when you meet someone older than you, it's him/her who's supposed to greet you. so, if you're young, don't worry; you still have enough time to learn!!!!!!!!!"