Friday, March 13, 2009

Cultural Notes

I thought I would dedicate a post solely on Rwandan culture. Here are some interesting facts.
1. In Kinyarwanda, there are only words for 6 colors. I believe (don't quote me yet) they are blue, red, grey, black, white, and green. Therefore, what we know as purple... they would call blue. However, more recently French words for other hues have been adopted and are used today.
2. When shaking a persons hand you always use your right hand and lay your left hand on your right elbow. I am not SURE why this is but I suspect that it may have something to do with showing where both your hands are so you aren't perceived as trying something sneaky with the hidden hand.
3. There is no word for please in kinyarwanda. There is a word that translates as please but it only used when BEGGING.
4. When addressing elders you do not present your hand before he/she does. And you do not ask how they are doing before they do. It's viewed as disrespectful but is losing its potency.
5. Friends and acquaintances of the same gender hold hands often. However, hand holding between genders (even in young couples or married couples)is rare.
6. White people are known as "umuzungu" (singular) and "abazungu" (plural). It is a daily experience to hear children yelling in excitement "umuzungu!".
7. In photos, Rwandese typically don't look into the camera and typically don't smile unless it is a TRUE smile.

I will continue with more cultural notes as time goes on. I will try to post my recent activities soon.


  1. Do you know why white people are called that? Ann told me once. Its a reference to white explorers being lost in the woods and walking around in circles. I forget exactly what the word means - walking in circles or something?

  2. I'm not sure why people are called umuzungu (kinyarwanda), muzungu (swahili). I think you are right about it meaning walking in circles in swahili. The term may have just been adopted from swahili though because Rwandese don't really know where it came from (at least from those that I've asked). I hope all is well!! Thanks for the comment.