Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Cultural Notes

1. Many Rwandans have been told that in America, marriages are a contract with a defined beginning and end. For instance, you can sign a contract for a 2 year marriage. After 2 years... it's over.
2. For some reason, many Rwandan parents tell their children that Muzungus (white people) eat children. So it's not uncommon to find children afraid of you.
3. Old Rwandans love canes. Old women (abakecuru) and old men (abasaza) almost always have a cane it seems. Most the time its just a nice walking stick but sometimes it will be a special cane that Rwandan kings once sported.
4. The culture of Rwandans has been affected strongly by several things. I can't give the full story right now. I will dedicate a full post to that subject.

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  1. WHAT!!! Oh my gosh! you mean to tell me that Marriage is NOT a set 2 year contract? and that white people don't eat children? Man I learn so much from your blog. Keep it up Sweetie.
    I Love you,

    PS. all kidding aside, I really like your blogs. They are so interesting