Tuesday, September 22, 2009

August Continued

The rest of August flew by after having in-service training which was only catalyzed by copious amounts of Rwandan coffee and not a drop of rain. I took a short trip with friends to Rusumo Falls which is on the border with Rwanda and Tanzania. It was beautiful. The bus ride turned out to be a truly cultural experience. It was over 3 hours in a small bus (these are called Twegerane "we squeeze together" buses. Guess why. It is the size of a VW bus and fits 19 people not including babies, luggage and livestock.) that took the most random stops imaginable including one for 20 minutes that involved the loud Congolese music, dancing, eggs, peanuts and an empty bus. Yes, the driver got out and danced.
At Rusumo, we walked along a bridge between Rwanda and Tanzania above the waterfall. Then we hiked up to the top of hill and got a great view of everything from there including Tanzania.
I had a very important meeting with my organization. 1) My primary project is building a youth center in Rwamagana, 2) they want to move the national headquarters to Rwamagana, and 3) they want me to design it. So I took out the little knowledge that I had on drawing a floor plan and just drew it. And that's August.

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