Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome to Brandon's Blog

Hello everyone! 
Welcome to my blog. I will be departing on January 26th 2009. I hope that this blog helps us all stay in contact. 


  1. Hey, sweet blog, you are definitely an inspiration to us all!

    We need to have dinner before you go. I will call you this week.

    Keep on truckin!

  2. The Wolf Road house will not be the same without you. I think of it as your homey house in Hobbiton, Brandon. "The road goes ever on and on. back to the place where it began." Godspeed.

  3. As I write this you're on the plane, on the way to Brussels and then Rwanda - how exciting! God Bless you my son! You will be missed SO VERY MUCH! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Love always, Mom

  4. Hey Brando... I hope you've made it safe and sound and that everything is going well. I wasn't sure how to do this blogging stuff, but hey, I'll give it whirl! ha I sure had a great time visiting with you while you were here. I'm going to miss you terribly, but I hope you will have fun and stay safe. I wish I'd gotten to see you one more time before you left...2011 seems so far away...Just know we'll all be thinking about you everyday and will all look forward to hearing from you soon. I LOVE YOU!!!
    Auntie Pam and Richard said to tell you "Hey, really enjoyed seeing you, have fun"
    Write soon love...